Use our new Zapier integration to sync with over 750 apps, and trigger actions in them.

To use IGBlade.Pro with Zapier click this link:

Your API key can be found in your settings page.

With our new Zapier integration, you can now create users from over 750 apps like Intercom, Typeform, and MailChimp, get notified when an Alarm changes it’s state and more. Zapier is an incredibly flexible and powerful tool, and every day more and more apps are available in their Zapbook. We’re very excited to see what everyone uses Zapier for.

Here are a few workflows you may find useful:

  • Add new site users to Google Sheets
    When a users registers on your custom site, add it to your customers spreadsheet

  • Add reports to Dropbox
    When a report is generated successfully, add the PDF file to your Dropbox in the specified folder

  • Auto-send login links
    When a user is created, send their login link via email.

Set up Zapier

Follow these steps to get started with Zapier and IGBlade.Pro:

  1. Create a free account on if you don’t have one already.
  2. In IGBlade.Pro, head over to Settings, then copy your API token.
  3. Follow Zapier’s documentation to create a Zap, with IGBlade.Pro as the Action and enter your API token when requested

Next steps

This is just the beginning for our Zapier integration. We have a lot planned to improve the experience and add extra features.