Social Media Management is getting more and more competitive. The Agencies who can provide a quality service to their clients are the ones who flourish. The rest become the underdogs.

Giving your clients an analytics dashboard where they can view their accounts growth rate greatly improves user retention and makes your agency look vastly more professional. Until now you had to have extensive programming skills to make this happen. With IGBlade.Pro you can create your very own analytics dashboard in minutes without any coding skills..

Here is how to set it up in a few minutes.

1. Set up the General Settings under Site->General.

Here, Enable the analytics site, name it and set up a subdomain. You can use one of our subdomains ( or use your own domain/subdomain(step 1a)


1a. Optional: Set your own domain as your dashboards address.

To set your own domain for your analytics site fill out the domain field with your domain/subdomain. In order to make this work head over to the DNS settings of your domain/subdomain and set up an A record pointing to the given IP address.

IMPORANT: When Pointing your domain make sure you remove all existing AAAA IPV6 record


2. Set up the Appearance of your site

Under Site->Appearance add your Company Logo to be displayed on the analytics site, emails and reports. You can use the same logo with all three. You can also add a favicon to your site.


3. Set the Style and Theme of your Dashboard

If you don’t know much programming choose one of the preset themes. You can also Customize the site with CSS.


5. Adding Header/Footer Links

If you’re going to integrate this into your existing site you will need some header and footer links so your clients can navigate between the analytics dashboard and the landing page seamlessly.

Add header and footer links to the dashboard under Site->Content
(Don’t forget to hit add then save to add the links)



By refreshing the site you can see that the links should have already appeared.


The site is set up!

In order for your clients to access the site you’ll have to set their up their credentials. See how to set this up in the next post->