Tracking the performance of the Instagram accounts you are growing is vital when scaling your business.

IGBlade.Pro is built to track accounts en-masse, notifying you if any of them are lagging behind the rest. We’ve built a pioneering alarm and account management system just for this.

Adding Accounts to be tracked :

As the first step you’ll add the accounts to be tracked. To do this go to Accounts->Add accounts. You can enter accounts one by one, copy paste a list of accounts or drag and drop a CSV file here.

(Note: The accounts used in the example were already present in the database since they have been added before. If you are adding accounts that no one has added before you will have to wait a few days before data appers. Until then you will see "no data")


Managing Account Categories : Categories keep all your accounts neatly organized.

To create categories select ‘Add to category’->’New Category’.
To assign accounts to categories check the accounts of your chioce and select the category under ‘Add to category’


Alarms :

What exactly are alarms? – Alarms indicate if an attribute of an account is above/below a set value for a given period. In other words: Alarms show if the accounts are performing as expected.
They can have 2 states: OK(Green) and ALARM(Red).

This is immensely useful when managing loads of accounts since it pinpoints exactly which accounts need attention – in time.

If for example you want your accounts to grow at a rate of 1000 followers/month, getting notified at the end of the month that the account hasn’t reached its target would be too late. You can set an alarm that goes red if the account doesn’t reach 250 folowers/week. This way you have enough time to intervene.

We’ll set up our first alarm just like this:

Go to Alarms->Manage Alarms->Create Alarm.


As a second example we’ll set up an alarm that shows if the accounts are posting 1 post/day.


Clicking on the alarms coulumn in the accounts dashboard will autamticallyy filter alarms to show that account only in alarms overview.



Here is exactly how the alarm values are calculated:

When calculating the growth value for example a 3 day alarm, we take past 3 days + todays changes.

@exampleaccount had the following changes in the last 3 days + today:

feb 12: +10
feb 13: +16
feb 14: +23
feb 15(today): -7

Therefore the value for the 3 day alarm is 10+16+23-7 = 42. This is what is displayed as "value" in the "Alarms" tab.

The alarm will go off if this value drops below 25

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