What is easy Login?

Easy Login lets your users access the dashboard seamlessly – Without the need of entering a username and password while keeping your dashboard secure from outsiders.

If you have an existing client portal easy login lets you integrate your analytics dashboard so your clients don’t have to login twice.

How to set easy login up with NO existing client portal

1. Under Customization->Site enable "Easy login"
2. Go to Clients->Manage to send out login links to your clients.

How to integrate your IGBlade dashboard into your existing customer portal

1. Under Customization->Site enable "Easy login" and "Auto Create Users"
2. On your website pass the email and a special token to your site’s login page. Example: https://myagency.com/login?email=example@example.com&token=TOKEN

The TOKEN should be an md5 hash of the email and your site’s SECRET. Example: md5(‘example@example.com:SECRET’).

Your site’s SECRET can be found under Customize->General