Today was the day of the largest ever purge of Instagram accounts. This is nothing new since Instagram does this once or twice each year – but not on this scale.

The reason behind these annual account purges is to rid Instagram of at least a portion of the inactive and bot accounts inflating its percieved user base.

Although official figures aren’t out yet we estimate that at least a 100 million instagram accounts have been removed.

UPDATE: The Official statement from Instagram that they are "working to resolve" the issue. They might just have deleted a bit too many inactive accounts and didn’t expect this level of public outcry.

UPDATE 2: Some accounts seem to gotten their followers back like @9gag and @kyliejenner. Maybe it was a bug after all? We suspect that Instagram’s chache might have been accidentally rolled back a couple of days.

Here are the top 5 accounts that lost the most followers:

@Selenagomez lost 2.3 million, 1.58% of her followers

@9gag lost 1.1 million, 2.41% of its followers

@kyliejenner lost almost 2.5 million, around 2% of her followers

@arianagrande lost 2.3 million, 1.6% of her followers

@cristiano lost 2.3 million, 1.5% of his followers

How many followers have you lost?