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What we Offer

The first of its kind one stop solution for intelligent client management, analytics and automated email reporting. Designed specifically for Instagram Agencies. No downloads required.


Our Features

IGBlade.Pro takes care of all the major hurldes of running a succesful agency so you can focus more on scaling your business.

Smart Alarms

First of its kind Alarm system that notifies you when one or more of your accounts is not reaching its target growth rate.

White-Label Analytics

A fully customizable white-label analytics site hosted on your own domain.

Automated Reports

An automated email reporting system to keep your clients updated of their accounts’ growth.

Accounts Overview

A Dashboard with all your accounts and their stats. Categorize them for an even clearer overview.

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Pioneering Alarm System

Know which account needs attention with our first of its kind alarm system built specifically for Instagram Management

  • Flexible

    Set alarms based on account growth, Engagement rate, Post count etc. to get notified if an account is not performing as expected.

  • Alarms Dashboard

    See all your accounts and alarms in one dashboard. Know exactly which account is lagging behind with which parameters.

Powerful Analytics

Gain Instant insights on any profile, track followers, following, posts engagement and more with your very own White-label analytics site

  • Comprehensive statistics

    Monitor your clients' social profiles with interactive charts, 24/7 updated statistics and more

  • Unlimited customizations

    Tailor your custom site for your own business' needs, including optional login system for your clients


Offer your clients the reports they need

Keep your clients updated with automatic white-label email reporting

  • Unlimited number of reports

    You can send daily, weekly and monthly reports to your clients without any limitations

  • Professional design

    Maintain your brand awareness with completely customized PDF reports and emails


We strive to provide the best customer experience possible. We work with incredibly successful Instagram Agencies who have taken their game to the next level. Have a look at what they have to say.

Invaluable tool

These Guys provide a much needed service that should have existed for a long time. The Alarm system was an absolute life saver for me and my team. With IGBlade.Pro I can deliver consistent quality to my clients.

  • img@1347
  • Steven S.

    Agency CEO

Everything I needed

I was thinking of creating my own analytics site for my clients but I could have never matched the quality and detail these guys are providing. Not to talk about the automatic email reports that go out straight to my clients' inbox. I am getting significantly more new clients through referrals since I use IGBlade.Pro.

  • img@2
  • Denis E.

    IG Manager

best support

Really friendly and helpful support. This alarm system is just amazing, it took me weeks before I noticed that one of my accounts was lagging behind. This doesn't happen anymore, I set alarms that go off after 3 days if the account isn't growing as expected. I highly recommend this service!

  • img@3
  • Curtis S.

    IG Manager

Choose The Right Plan For You

25 Accounts


  • 25 accounts
  • 25 clients
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Alarms
  • White-label site
  • 16+ Themes
  • Client access control
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50 Accounts


  • 50 accounts
  • 50 clients
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Alarms
  • White-label site
  • 16+ Themes
  • Client access control
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100 Accounts


  • 100 accounts
  • 100 clients
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Alarms
  • White-label site
  • 16+ Themes
  • Client access control
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