“Removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows” and Other Instagram Issues

If you are in Instagram marketing or account management, you likely heard about recent changes that Instagram made to reduce inauthentic activity on their platform. In case you used some "powerlike" services, or worse, straight up bought fake likes and/or followers you probably got a notice from Instagram about it, where they ask you to

UPDATED: Here is Why you Lost Instagram Followers Today.

Today was the day of the largest ever purge of Instagram accounts. This is nothing new since Instagram does this once or twice each year - but not on this scale. The reason behind these annual account purges is to rid Instagram of at least a portion of the inactive and bot accounts inflating its

5 Reasons to Create a Free IGBlade.com Account

Monitor up to 15 Instagram Accounts. With IGBlade.com you can keep track of your and your competitors accounts to see their performance and growth over time. Get valuable insights on account performance like Follower growth, engagement rate fluctuations, hashtags used and more. All in a simple dashboard that gives you maximum oversight. No tracking period

How I Track Hundreds of Instagram Accounts for Free

If you’re going to have any real success in business these days, you absolutely MUST have an active on all of the major social media platforms – but you really need to be making the most of everything Instagram has to offer. According to market research released in late 2018, there are more than 3.2

What’s new in Version 1.5?

IGBlade.Pro Version 1.5 has arrived packed with bunch of features and improvements. Vaults Vaults let your customers securely hand off their instagram credentials through igblade using a simple link. You can even email this link to your client automatically. All passwords are stored in the vault where they can be accessed by you only. New

Easy Login

What is easy Login? Easy Login lets your users access the dashboard seamlessly - Without the need of entering a username and password while keeping your dashboard secure from outsiders. If you have an existing client portal easy login lets you integrate your analytics dashboard so your clients don't have to login twice. How to

Tracking Accounts and setting up Alarms

Tracking the performance of the Instagram accounts you are growing is vital when scaling your business. IGBlade.Pro is built to track accounts en-masse, notifying you if any of them are lagging behind the rest. We've built a pioneering alarm and account management system just for this. Adding Accounts to be tracked : As the first

How to manage your Clients and Reports with IGBlade.Pro

Effective client management and growth reporting is an important part of managing a succesful agency. With IGBlade.Pro this cannot be any simpler. In the previous post you have set your client dashboard up, now you will set up their login credentials and automatic reports. Step 0. You'll need to set up the email address from

How to Create an Analytics Dashboard for your Instagram Agency

Social Media Management is getting more and more competitive. The Agencies who can provide a quality service to their clients are the ones who flourish. The rest become the underdogs. Giving your clients an analytics dashboard where they can view their accounts growth rate greatly improves user retention and makes your agency look vastly more

Automate IGBlade.Pro with Zapier

Use our new Zapier integration to sync with over 750 apps, and trigger actions in them. To use IGBlade.Pro with Zapier click this link: https://zapier.com/developer/invite/96399/f057bc8148a0e23b90917943541303e9/ Your API key can be found in your settings page. With our new Zapier integration, you can now create users from over 750 apps like Intercom, Typeform, and MailChimp, get